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All Cutie Fashion Instocks! [Feb. 5th, 2009|01:11 am]

All Cutie Fashion Instocks!
Exclusive Collection from Cutie Fashion! Ready stocks! No need to wait for fly time! Bought in exclusively for you girls! :D!

Brand new long sleeve Cutie Spree tee! Just arrived from Cutie Spree.

Only $16 mailed! Fast deals @ $15

I'm selling this, super pretty! The photo shows grey but I'm selling the one in PURPLE! Super chio! Just that too big for me! Super chio can! I really love it BUT .... So if you want it, please mail me too! Love readers!

Credits to Twistandkiss & Highway55
Only $19 mailed! Fast deals @ $17.50

Blue Dress! Super gorgeous!
Length- 73cm, Width- 43cm

Only $19 mailed! Fast deals @ $17.50

Blue Shorts! So sweet! AND cute! I love it! FREE SIZE!
Waist: 35cm(28~33'')
Thighs: 43cm(34~38'')
Length: 39cm

Only $17 mailed! Fast deals @ $16

White collared shirt! It's one of my fave from the list, you'll look super slim in it!
Length: 32.5''

Only $16 mailed! Fast deals @ $15

Red jacket! Can match with dress, if not can wear it to jogging! Super cool, many uses!

Only $18 mailed! Fast deals @ $17

Green outfit! Wear with tee inside and wear leggings/jeans/stockings whatevr! Super nice!

Only $15 mailed! Fast deals @ $14

Yellow long sleeves, wear with skirt or shorts! Super bright, looks more sharp and alerted (:

Only $19 mailed! Fast deals @ $16

Dress Belt, super slim look. And that's how you look with the belt!

Only $12.50 mailed! Fast deals @ $11.50

The long knitted dress! Super slim look, you know? I don't know but everything that I bring in makes you look slim. HAHA. I don't know why, don't ask me why.

Only $17 mailed! Fast deals @ $15

London Tee/Over-sized Tee! Can wear with any bottom.
Length: 65cm, Width: 46cm

Only $13 mailed! Fast deals @ $11

Light Grey Skinnies, elastic! Not dark grey. No zip (: Easy to wear and very comfy!
Free size.
Waist: 30cm(24~34'')
Thighs: 42cm(33~38'')
Length: 89cm

Only $18 mailed! Fast deals @ $15

Purple Shades! Super pretty man!

Only $15 mailed! Fast deals @ $12

These are NEW PIECES!
If you are interested, please mail me at sandypek@hotmail.com (:
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